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Chi Siamo , Cosa facciamo e come lo facciamo

About Us , What We Do and How We Do It

Enjoy Our Sicily is a tour operator, managed by Sicilians that is part of a large Italian network, based in Rome. We offer you authentic local experiences, made by the locals with professionalism and originality. Behind Enjoy our Sicily, works a team of passionate and experienced people who will be happy to let you discover the deep soul of the largest island in the Mediterranean: cooking classes, food and wine tours, folk tours, nature excursions… Sicily is rich in culture, traditions, and beauty.

From our passion for our land, born Enjoy Our Sicily, passion that with time becomes experience made available to those who want to discover our land differently. For this reason, we also propose ourselves as a DMC.

We aim at a responsible, sustainable and respectful tourism of the work of the people and traditions of Sicily. Not a tourism of quantity, but of quality.

We believe that every experience takes place with conviviality and reciprocity.  Our guests are neither numbers nor tourists, but travelers.

i borghi più belli dìItalia
i borghi più belli dìItalia