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About Us : What We Do and How We Do It

Enjoy Our Sicily is a local tour operator, managed by Sicilians that is part of a large Italian network, based in Rome. We offer you authentic local experiences, made by locals.

Behind Enjoy our Sicily, works a team of passionate and experienced people who will be happy to let you discover the deep soul of the largest island in the Mediterranean. We like to show you the real sicily : the authentic (not that of the catalogs of travel agencies or films).

We offer tailor-made experiences. We travel in small groups, often privately, because we believe that the human relationship, empathy, is the foundation of success. We are simply ourselves, without frills or formalities. We take you to lunch and dinner where we go. We show you not only the things you love, but also the things we love that you do not expect to find. We know our land and our people and understand their dialects. We rejoice with you when you arrive at the place you dreamed to visit, or when you arrive in the small village where your family has its roots. We take care of your time and, on vacation, every minute is precious, and we cannot afford to waste it.

Our guests are never numbers but ambassadors of our way of life and being in the world. You will always be travellers and never tourists.  We aim for quality tourism and not quantity.

Enjoy Our Sicily is also Enjoy Your Sicily. We appeal to Sicilians who want to rediscover their land. We plan daily excursions with guided tours in spring and autumn. We cater to groups, associations and anyone who wants to organize a tailor-made experience.

This is us, and this is Enjoy Our Sicily.

i borghi più belli dìItalia
i borghi più belli dìItalia